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A life without horses? I don't think so!

Approach Point is my heart-based business created solely because every horse deserves the world. A world with a valuable team: owner; barn management; trainer; vet; farrier; & body work dedicated to communicating & closely working together to provide optimum, tailored training, treatment & care. Seventeen years experience with horses coursing through my veins: riding; lessons; training; showing; barn management; vet ride alongs; clinics; & horse ownership my heart-based business beats with horses. Riding young/old; auction/well bred; trained/untrained; timid/bold; healthy/unhealthy; fit/unfit horses of many breeds & disciplines has not only taught me feel but connection & empathy. The Big Bang "Cooper" (19yr. old ISH) & Rhea Sunshine "Rhea" (3yr. old Hanoverian) are my heart horses for life. Earned my USDF Bronze medal having trained Cooper Training Level-Fourth Level as a Young Rider. Cooper is now happily retired, with me, for life. Currently, training Rhea in hopes she will be willing, interested & capable (mentally & physically) of earning Silver & Gold as my partner. Grand Prix is a big goal of mine but my number one goal has been & always will be the health, safety & happiness of my horses & every horse Approach Point has the honor & privilege of approaching. With Excitement, Morgan Tobin Graduate of Bancroft School of Equine Massage Therapy

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